sad love quotes will help you to express your sad feeling

If you truly love someone and he left you and you are sad because of his departure and you are looking for sad love quotes or Broken heart quotes to tell him your Sad feeling, then you have come to the right page.

In today's era, some people do love for timepass and some people do it for fun. But even in today's era, people truly love, and today we have brought many sad love quotes for true lovers. If you love someone and he is angry with you or he is not talking to you and you are sad, then you can share your feeling with him through these sad quotes.

You broke up with the person you love. And you want to read breakup quotes or sad quotes about love. then you have come to the right place, you will find here the best breakup quotes or love quotes and we hope you will feel better after reading these breakup quotes or sad love quotes.

Sad quotes about love

My love was reduced to a few words, when he said that I love someone else, not you.

Sad love quotes

You are the one lack in my life that no one else can fill.

Sad quotes about love

You forgot me but I will never forget you, Because I have truly loved you.

You come back i will forget all my sorrow. 

Sad love quote

I can't bear this loneliness anymore, you come back, I want to be with you for the rest of my life.

Your concern is still there today.
But I have no right on you now.

Feeling sad quotes about love

The scars of wounds found in love, Never fade away. 

You are happy with someone else by giving me pain and loneliness. 

Loneliness love quotes

In the example of love, I will only say this

unexampled punishment, for any innocent.

Sad love quotes for him

If you broke someone's heart and he did not even complain to you, then understand that no one else can love you more than him.

Sad love quotes for him

Don't let anyone come so close,
That you get angry with yourself by going away from him.

Love quotes for him

My love is incomplete, but his timepass was completed.

Incomplete love quotes

I still feel the pain of leaving him, but now I do not cry, I become silent after explaining myself. 

Sad quotes for him

You love someone else now but I have truly loved you that's why I still love you. Otherwise I would have forgotten you long ago. 

I won't ask him to come back, if he loves me ! then he will definitely come back.

Sad love quotes for him

I love to think about him because i still love him. 

Love breakup quotes

I do not know whether I will be able to forget you or not, but now I feel that I will not be able to love anyone else.

I still want you, but now you want someone else.

Love breakup quotes

It is okay to be a stranger in this world. People give a lot of trouble, often by making their own.

He used to tell me that he will always be with me, But now he has left me and is with someone else. And I don't sorrow that he's with someone else, but when he turns his back on seeing me, then I feel very pain.

Sad breakup quotes

You have left me and started loving someone else now and look at my madness, I am waiting for you even knowing that you love someone else now.

He broke my heart that's why I left the path of love. Now after that many people came in my life with the proposal of love but I rejected them all.

Broken breakup quotes

Maybe I didn't understand you completely. But after you left me, I have understand myself completely, and I have understand you completely.

Yes, I have changed after losing you.

Breakup quotes

Earlier he ask to my condition, but today he does not even call me, maybe he has found someone better than me, That's why he doesn't remember me.

sad breakup quotes for true lovers

The result of love I saw bad in the world, I also saw unfaithful to those who claimed to be faithful.

Sad Broken heart quotes

I'm sorry to you my heart, I handed you over to someone who doesn't appreciate you. 

Sad broken heart quotes

It's nice to cry consisting the walls.
I would go crazy too now I think so.

Today I am upset, maybe tomorrow peace will come, God is mine too, till how long will he make me cry. 

True quotes

What is the matter, you have become very quiet nowadays. do you also love someone unfaithful.

The pain in love is not caused by breaking of heart, by breaking of trust. 

Emotional broken heart quotes

He told me I will never forget you but now he has found someone and he has forgotten me.

When the eyes cry, it does not pain much, but when the heart cry, it pains a lot.

Crying Quotes for broken lovers

He taught me how to love but he did not teach me how to forget that love.

I love him so much that even after breaking up with him, I could not forget him.

emotional quotes for broken lovers

Apologies doesn't fix broken hearts, but I forgive you, because I'm not like you.

Broken heart quotes

Now when I meet someone, I keep a distant relationship, because the people whom I hugged, those people have tormented me a lot.

Sad love quotes

Respect is a big thing, but i made a mistake, I had expected this thing from small minded people.

Sad love quotes

No matter how much you love someone, he finds that love a little less.

You complain that time has changed me
Ask yourself, are you the same. 

True love quotes

I wanted to say a lot to you, but after hearing your words, I realized that it is better to remain silent.

No one is with me, no support, I have no one, now I am also nobody's. 

Alone sad love quote

You belong to someone else now, and look at my madness, I'm still longing to have you.

My relationship with him is broken, but I still love him.

Emotional love quotes for him

If someone loves you but he doesn't appreciate you' then understand that his love is false. 

Love doesn't hurt, if you fall in love with the wrong person then you get hurt.

Love hurt quotes

Now I do not feel afraid to lose anything, because I have lost those whom I have loved the most in life.

Boy sad filling quotes

you must think once alone, why did a careless boy care about you.

boy feeling sad quotes

No one can guess when someone will fall in love,  Because the houses of love have no doors. 

Seeing him talking to another boy, I felt a little hurt, then I remembered that now I have no relation with him.

Boy sad love quotes

I was happy to see him happy with someone else but I also felt pain.

I will slowly forget you but the scars of wounds you give me I will never be able to erase.

Sad boy quotes

I was very happy when he was with me but I'm so sad since he's gone.

Boy feeling sad quotes

What happens if love remains unfulfilled?

I was completely ruined.

Sad quotes about love and pain

In search of peace, I went out to sell my heart, the buyer gave me pain and took my heart.

Sad quotes about love and pain

You made your home in my heart with great passion,

When it was your turn to stay, you changed your place.

In which words should I express my pain?
There are many people to listen but no one to understand.

Pain sad love quotes

If you love me then stay and if you don't love me then walk away from me.

The scars of wounds found in love, never erased.

Love wounds quotes

I am slowly forgetting you but your memories still make me sad.

It hurts when you love someone and they don't talk to you.

Hurt love quotes

Now I don't shed tears to get you, because now I understand, you don't deserve my tears.

Sad quote

Some wounds in life don't age, they go with you for life. 

Pain wounds quotes

She has a complaint, I don't know how to love, But many things are also in my heart, But I don't know how to complain.

Heart Touching Quotes For Broken Hearts

Why do you make excuses to be angry?

Why don't you say that now there is no place in your heart for me. 

Heart touching quotes for broken hearts

You never understood, I didn't want anything from you except you.

I am very afraid of those people who keep sweetness in words and poison in their hearts.

sad quotes will help you to express your feeling

You will not be able to recognize my pain from my face, Because I have a habit of smiling even in sorrows. 

You are smiling so much, what is the sorrow that you are hiding from everyone.

sorrow love quotes

The heart is broken, not the mirror, which will be shattered, is the heart 'will be healed slowly.

Broken heart quotes

I felt a lot of pain by loving him, maybe I would not have felt this pain if I had not fallen in love with him.

sad love quotes will help you to express your feeling

People who are deceived in love recover after a few days but they become completely alone from inside.

True sad love quotes

Maybe I didn't understand people completely, But now I have understand myself completely.

This Heart touching quotes will help you to express your sad feeling

Now, the heart turns away from being loyal. Now the heart gets scared in the name of love. Now there is no need of any consolation, because now the heart is filled with every consolation.

Sad romantic quotes about love


I Don't know why he is angry with me, even if he meets in dreams, he does not talk to me. 

Sad romantic quotes about love

Who remembers the friend of the past time,
People forget even the name in two days.

Don't see the dream that breaks and Don't hold the hand that leaves.

Romantic sad quotes

I never told him that I'm still waiting for him.

This love bond how strange it is, If you get then things will be long, "and" If lost, the memories are long.

Feeling sad quotes

If, there was a delete option in my heart and mind, so I would first delete you from my heart and mind because your memories make me very sad.

Feeling sad quotes about love

If someone leaves you, then you should not be sad because if he were yours, he would never leave you.

sad romantic quotes will help you to express your sad feeling

The pain is greater when the giver is one's own.

Painful sad love quotes

Love doesn't hurt, if you love the wrong person then you get hurt.

sad love quotes will help you to express your sad feeling

I do not know whether he is in my luck or not, but I like to ask him again and again from God.

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